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My Top Choice

Caspari 10-Inch Crown Dripless Smokeless Candles

So, it all started not too long ago, when one of my readers asked me what a dripless candle is, and if this type of product really does exist.

Dripless Candles

Caspari Dripless Candles

This person had been looking for candlesticks that do not drip wax.

They said, “Are there really candles that don’t drip wax all over the place?”. I was thinking to myself, no way, all candlesticks drip some amount of wax.

This question from one of my loyal readers really intrigued me, and it got me thinking so much that I couldn’t sleep.

I decided that the next day I was going to look into this matter, and see if there really are candlesticks that do not drip.

After many hours of research, I found that not only are there ‘dripless candlesticks’, but there are actually some very delightful products that are available for purchase. I learned that this product is actually created using a special dip method.

As it turns out, these candlesticks really are dripless! That is, so long as you don’t put them somewhere in your home that is too close to a draft, such as right in front of the window.

I proceeded to inform my reader that there really are candlesticks that do not drip, and they are truly an amazing creation.

My reader later replied, and she was completely ecstatic that I had found this incredible product. I, myself, had been looking around for quite some time, for something similar that does not drip because I was tired of cleaning up the wax mess that normal tapers leave behind.

Out of the many hours that I spent researching, and scouring the Internet to find as much information as I could, I stumbled upon the Caspari Crown Dripless Smokeless Candles.

I whole heartedly recommended these products to all of my readers, since they were the absolute best products that I could find for the money spent. When I am searching for these things, typically I am looking to make sure they have a great texture, burn cleanly, look good, and smell good.

I have to recommend the Caspari products because they meet all of the important criteria that I look for in a candle. Let me take a moment to tell you what I like, and what I don’t like about this product.

What I like:

• Beautiful, Bright Glow

•   Burns For A Very Long Time

•   Smokeless

•   Dripless

•   Easy Color Coordination

•   Fits Virtually All Regular Holders

What I Don’t Like:

•   Coloring Is Just A Bit Off Regarding The Manufacturers Picture

Since I have put this review up, I have received many ‘thank you’ emails, from loyal readers telling me how much they appreciate the research that I have done to find the best products for them.

I want to take a second to thank the person that got me to look into this, because without them I would still be cleaning up wax messes all over my home.

One of my readers, after purchasing these exact candlesticks, sent me an email that said this, “…Superb product right out of the box, they even matched the ugly room!”

Where can You get these candlesticks for cheap?

After doing some very exhaustive research, I have come to the conclusion that you can get the best price for these candles from Amazon.com by clicking here. As a matter of fact, I checked many local retailers such as Wal-Mart, Michaels, and a few other craft stores and they do not even sell product like this that are dripless!

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