Top Four Reasons Why Dripless Candles Are Better Than Traditional Candles

Dec 13, 2011 by

Regular candlesticks have obviously been the norm for some time now. Most people will purchase some traditional candlesticks without ever stopping for a moment to look for something better. In the world today technology has progressed enough to give us many wonderful luxuries that we wouldn’t have otherwise.

Using technology we have also been able to put a spin on an age-old product such as the candle. By creating the traditional candle in a way that allows it to burn without dripping wax we have created something magnificent. There are several reasons why a dripless candle is much better than its traditional counterpart.

1. Candlesticks that are dripless are better than traditional candlesticks obviously since they do not drip wax. A candle that is made to be dripless will not drip wax all over the candle holder or anything that it is placed on. This is a huge advantage over regular candlesticks since you can place this type of candlestick in areas that a regular candle simply could not be placed.

Imagine trying to place regular candlesticks in candle holders that are placed above guests at a popular party. Wax would be dripping all over the guests and anything directly under. This simply will not happen if you are using the right type of product.

2. Another reason why you would want to choose this type of product over traditional candlesticks is because they are cheaper than the electric version. Believe it or not, there is actually a type of candle that runs on electricity. It is basically just a normal candle made from real wax, but it has a small circuit inside of it that powers a tiny light bulb.

Some electric candlesticks are even intricate enough to produce a flickering effect that you would find in a normal candle. Candlesticks that are dripless are much cheaper than their electronic counterpart which is why I favor them. In most cases I can get two boxes of 12  tapers for what I would pay for two or three of the electric version.

3. The lack of batteries is another reason why I choose this unique type of product rather than the electric version. The amount of money that you would have to pay to replace batteries constantly when using an electric ‘dripless candle’ is staggering. Why spend money on batteries when you can get the real thing and for a fraction of the price.

4. The most important reason why I choose candlesticks that don’t drip over ones that do is because of the design. I truly appreciate the design that goes into making a dripless candle. A regular candle doesn’t require much work and that is why you won’t get much out of it.

A dripless candle requires intricate design with either a perfect wax to wick ratio or multiple layers of wax with different melting points. Many of the products that you can get today are hand-made by loving folks that truly put their heart and soul into every candle.

These are the top four reasons why I absolutely love dripless tapers in comparison to regular tapers. You might feel the same way to if you had some of your own. I have been burning these products for quite some time now and I have gained a special appreciation for them over time.

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