What To Look For When Shopping For Dripless Candles

Dec 13, 2011 by

More and more people are shopping for dripless candles in the world today? Why? People want tapers that do not drip wax all over their belongings. If your here, you are likely looking to purchase some products that do not drip wax.

Over the years I have compiled a lot of experience regarding candlesticks that are dripless and this type of product in general. You can use this information to make a much more informed purchase when shopping for tapers that are dripless.

What to look for:

  • Burn life: This one is pretty important. You want products that are going to burn for a long time. I am totally against paying less money for cheap tapers that burn away too quickly. The longer the burn life of the candle the better. Candlesticks that burn anywhere from 15 hours to a full day at a time at great. The longer the better. Any tapers that will burn for at least 12 hours are a great buy.
  • Full color: This is another important attribute that I look for when shopping for candlesticks. I believe there is no reason why a candle shouldn’t be colored all the way through. There are no downsides to coloring a candle inside, and out so if someone is trying to sell you tapers that don’t have color all the way through, run away. Candlesticks that have a full coloring inside and out will provide your home with a warm colorful glow. Any candle that doesn’t have color all the way through looks awful once it has been burning for a half hour or longer.
  • Tapered: This is not a requirement, but tapered candlesticks are normally a much better choice. You want a candle that is tapered to fit most holders. This is important because it is not going to be much use if you can’t place it in any holders. Besides, if you ever want to splurge and purchase some real fancy candle holders you need your candlesticks to be tapered correctly so that they fit.
  • Clean burning: You want to make sure the tapers that you purchase burn clean. There is nothing quite as awful as a candle that burns dirty. A candle that does not burn clean will release all sorts of particles and emissions into your home that are absolutely not healthy for anyone in the home. Prolonged exposure to emissions from candlesticks that do not burn cleanly could cause some serious health risks.

The information above can be used as guidelines to follow when searching for candlesticks that do not drip wax. You can apply these guidelines when searching for virtually any type of candle.

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